Under the Hood with CallTrackingMetrics

So, how do potential customers find your local business? Which marketing efforts encourage people to call you and which are just a waste of your time and money?

Join Eric Shanfelt and Merry Keane to learn how you can grow your local business with CallTrackingMetrics (CTM). We’ll cover how CTM enables you to know how callers discovered your local business, improve existing marketing efforts, and launch new marketing endeavors.

Merry Keane’s contact info:

Merry Keane
Merry has been with CTM since 2014. She is an Account Executive and serves as instructor for CallTrackingMetrics University, their online training program. Merry is passionate about educating business on leveraging the right tools within CallTrackingMetrics to help increase their marketing ROI and enhance the customer experience through better communication processes.


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