Busting the Biggest Local SEO Myths

Busting the Biggest Local SEO Myths

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What are the biggest local SEO myths? Lee Auerbach, Chatmeter’s SVP of Business Development, joins us to help sort out fact from fiction.

Local SEO is continuously evolving requiring marketers to adapt quickly and protect their local rankings. But with so many changes so fast, it’s hard to know what advice to trust, what no longer applies, and what is flat-out wrong.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Does Google actually have as much market share as everyone thinks?
  • Is citation building still important?
  • Does name, address and phone (NAP) consistency still matter?
  • Do keywords in reviews, Q&A and products affect your SEO?
  • Does image naming and geotagging actually work?
  • Should you even bother with Yelp if you’re not a restaurant?
  • What happened to Facebook local?
  • Is voice search really the future?

This is a very lively discussion as we bust some myths and focus on what really matters in local SEO.

Busting the Biggest Local SEO Myths
Lee Auerbach brings over 15 years of experience to Chatmeter. Auerbach has helped several digital and Martech companies grow including Groupon, Motivequest, Economist, Mediaplanet, and C.I.M. He now focuses on helping brands identify and integrate the right marketing technology to improve their online visibility and reputation. Auerbach is also an avid outdoorsman and a 25-year veteran photographer.