How to Avoid Local Marketing Legal Pitfalls

In this session, you’ll learn how to avoid problematic legal pitfalls in local digital marketing. These pitfalls can cost you big dollars and big headache, even for small businesses, so don’t ignore them!

Seth Price and Heidi Tandy share their unique perspectives on the legal aspects of digital marketing including:

  • Steps to protect yourself if you use a platform like Shopify or allow purchases via Facebook or Instagram.
  • Help with privacy issues, like the GDPR and upcoming privacy regulations out of California. When and where do businesses need to comply, and what does the FTC really care about?
  • Sweepstakes and raffle rules to consider and when contests of skill make more sense.
  • Managing interns, influencers or user-created content–what you can use, share and quote.

Get the insight you need to ethically, practically and vibrantly market your local business online.

Facebook Messenger Marketing for Local Business

Bad news: Facebook Ad prices are between 10 and 100x higher than they were just 6 years ago, and every 1% increase in ad cost = 1% decrease in ROI. Larry Kim shares his 7 craziest hacks (unusual, super-leveraged, 100% legal tactics that generate enormous returns for very little effort) to generate remarkable engagement boosts and cost savings on Facebook ads.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage creative new ad targeting strategies that double CTRs
  • New Ad Formats like Click-to-Messenger ads, which offer +70% open rates and +20% CTRs
  • Larry’s formulas for campaign budget allocation to increase campaign ROI

Larry’s tips and ideas are invaluable to help make Facebook Ads work for your local business.

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What Really Affects Local Pack Rankings?

The Google local pack (3-pack or maps pack) is the SERP feature that displays a map and a list of three local businesses with their NAP data. It’s a prime position for any local business, but how do you get there?

GMB expert, Joy Hawkins, shares the latest data and information about what truly impacts rankings in the 3-pack. Based on ongoing tests that her agency has done, Joy shares results of several case studies that her team has worked on in the last 18 months.

You’ll learn:

  • What to know about GMB categories
  • When citation management is most effective or a lower priority
  • How soft and hard suspensions impact ranking

Joy reveals what works and what doesn’t to achieve this coveted local pack position, so marketers can focus on local search strategies that truly matter.

Make the Most of Your Google My Business Listing

Without question, Google is the dominant source consumers use to search for local businesses. And Google My Business your essential tool to help customers discover your business online. In this presentation, David Mihm shares strategies to make the most of your presence on Google My Business to attract and convert more new clients than ever before.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Google My Business should be your biggest digital marketing priority
  • Factors that impact your Google My Business ranking
  • Simple actions you can take to boost your visibility
  • How to use ThriveHive Grader for a free instant report of your online presence

With so many GMB changes and updates over the past year, this session dives into what’s new and what your local business really need to know to boost your search ranking.

ThriveHive GMB Grader Tool

Optimize Your Photos to Rank Higher in Local Search

Getting your business found online goes well beyond key words in today’s evolving SEO world. Images and videos of your business are critical in taking your website and Google My Business listing to the next level. Joe Danzer, certified Google photographer and AI geek, explains why images matter and how best to optimize them for your business.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How Google searches for images and uses them to answer queries about your business
  • Ways to make a great photo that will give you advantages on Google and elsewhere
  • Optimization tips for images on your website and GMB listing
  • How to use Google Cloud Vision to find out what Google knows about any image

Joe also share what’s new with Google Street View and how you can use virtual tour videos to further enhance your business’s online presence.


Behind the Scenes of a Million Dollar Agency

Dennis Yu is highly regarded as one of the top Facebook marketing experts in the world. In this session, Dennis gives you an inside look at what it takes to build a million-dollar marketing agency.

He also goes into detail about how you can use one-minute Facebook videos to build your own agency branding and develop leads … and how you can adapt that same strategy for your clients.

Get a Free Copy of BlitzMetric’s “Facebook for a Dollar a Day” Course

Upload a one-minute video to Facebook or LinkedIn like Dennis talks about in the session above. Then send the URL to the video to Dennis and his team will then send you the “Facebook for a Dollar a Day” course completely free.

Go from 0 to 50,000 Monthly Web Visitors

In this session, Jason Hennessey will show you how he took one local website from 0 visitors to over 50,000 per month. You will see the exact strategies that he used to bring the cost of generating a phone call / lead from $531, all the way down to $21.00, using organic SEO, in a very competitive legal vertical.

Learn to think outside the box when it comes to developing a content strategy and some advanced tips for getting that content to rank well on Google.

Automating Responses to Customer Reviews

Managing Reviews on Google My Business is a growing challenge for most businesses. Auto responders can help assist business owners and marketers in their efforts to respond to reviews faster and improve the overall customer experience. In this session, Evan Oder discusses when you should and should not use an automated response for your Google reviews.

Website Title Tags and GMB Snippets

Joel Headley debunks myths and shares new insights about using title tags and justification snippets in your local SEO strategy. You’ll learn tips and ideas that are unconventional but proven highly effective to boost your local GMB rankings, such as how to …

  • Use long title tags to rank better in Google searches
  • Identify location keywords specific to your business
  • Optimize title tags, on-page content and Google posts

Joel also discusses how review content is used in Google justification snippets and how to put it all together to improve search engine rankings for your local business.

Marketing Best Practices For Service Area Businesses

Marketing a service area business online today is an entirely different beast. Yes, some local SEO rules do apply, but many do not. Dave Squires cuts through the clutter, and shares what REALLY works for local service area businesses.

Key takeaways:

  • The truth about pay per click advertising
  • How to understand reporting
  • Optimization tips for seasonal service businesses
  • Ideas for targeting commercial vs. residential clients
  • Strategies for winning voice search
  • What to know about Google Local Services Ads and “Google Guaranteed”

Dave provides truly affective local SEO tips and trends that can impact your online presence as a service area business. With his insight, you can better evaluate where to invest your time and money to market your service business to reach local customers.

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