Best Content for Local Businesses Customers


Moz Local’s Miriam Ellis discussed the best content areas for local businesses that are most likely to promote online traffic, In-store traffic, reviews/testimonials, social sharing, and offline word-of-mouth.

She describes how your local business should create or improve the following:

  • Customer service policy and rights guarantee
  • Reviews/testimonials page and policy
  • Contact and About Us pages
  • Product/service descriptions
  • Customer FAQ
  • Local business listings
  • Third-party review profiles

Of course, not all of these pages apply to every local business, but every local business can certainly get some good tips from Miriam’s article!

Eric Shanfelt
Eric is the Founder and CEO of Local Marketing Institute. He has 25 years of experience in digital marketing and has been the Chief Digital Officer for several B2B and consumer media companies. Eric has a passion for local businesses and focuses on practical digital strategies to help them attract more customers, build customer loyalty, and grow their business.