Neal Polachek

Neal Polachek
Neal is an independent board member and advisor to companies operating at the intersection of local, small and medium size business, media and SaaS technology. Recently Neal launched ThinkLikeAnApp, his break-out initiative to help small businesses, management teams and non-profit organizations compete more effectively in today's marketplace. Today's consumer lives life on their phone and through their apps. By reframing and reorienting around the notion of ThinkLikeAnApp, businesses can meet the ever rising Customer Experience expectations in the era of Modern Commerce. In his past, Neal was Director of Research and Consulting, VP of Advisory Services, CEO of The Kelsey Group and President of BIA/Kelsey. Neal is a board member at Soleo Communications, RenderAI and is a board advisor to the teams at Broadly, and the Local Search Association-Localogy.
Marketing Your Local Business Beyond COVID-19

Marketing Your Local Business Beyond COVID-19

Practical advice and concrete examples of how local businesses need to modify operating practices and marketing now that COVID restrictions are lifting.

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