Jason Brown

Jason Brown
Jason has worked in SEO for over 10 years. In his day job, he breathes, eats, and sleeps SEO for his clients. But in his free time, he started ReviewFraud.org to battle fake review networks in an effort level the playing field and protect businesses and consumers.
Yelp Billion Dollar Bully

Is Yelp Really the Billion Dollar Bully?

Businesses regularly complain of Yelp's aggressive sales tactics and restrictive review policies. But, is Yelp really as bad as the "Billion Dollar Bully" documentary...

9 Common Google My Business Mistakes To Avoid

Have you set up your Google My Business (GMB) for success? Watch for nine common GMB misakes that can impact customer experience and your bottom line.
good, bad, and illegal local business reviewsvideo

Good, Bad and Illegal Local Business Reviews

If you’re thinking about running a review contest to get more reviews for your local business, you’d better think again. Online reviews have become a critical part of local digital marketing, but they can hurt your business if you manage them incorrectly. In this week’s LMI Office Hours webinar, Jason Brown and Eric Shanfelt discuss […]
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How to Spot and Remove Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are a major problem for local businesses on Google, Facebook, and elsewhere. Whether it's a fake negative review on your business, or fake positive reviews on a competitor, the problem is big and only getting bigger. But there are ways to spot, report and fix fake reviews. Join us for this week's Local […]
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