Evan Oder

Evan Oder
Evan has worked with over 1,000 business locations and dozens of brands to help increase revenue through campaigns on mobile devices and search engines since 2010. In 2015, he started My Business Listing, the first dedicated service of its kind to provide full service Google My Business optimization. His company is actively partnered with over 500 business locations throughout the US, dealing with all things Google My Business and Google Ads everyday. In January 2019, Evan also launched Map Labs as a spin off from his agency. It is a self service platform designed to aggregate and analyze Google My Business insights while providing useful automation and business intelligence tools to scale the management of Google My Business optimization efforts for Agencies, Small Businesses, Franchises, Chains and National Brands.

Pros and Cons of Automated Responses to Customer Reviews

Learn when you should and shouldn't use an automated response for your Google reviews and what the best practices are to setup and manage response rules.
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Under the Hood MapLabsvideo

Under the Hood with Map Labs

If you use Google My Business in any way, then you'll definitely want to check out this new tool. Map Labs takes Google My...

The Difference Between Local Analytics and Insights

Most local business marketers know where to find and how to collect Google My Business data. Few businesses, however, know how to make sense of their data. GMB specialist, Evan Oder, clears up the confusion between analytics and insights. And, he explains how local businesses can put their data to use. Analytics are the discovery, […]
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Evan Oder Google My Business Right Wayvideo

How To Use Google My Business Insights The Right Way

You have a Google My Business listing, but are you using GMB Insights the right way? Google My Business Insights has data that can help you improve your search rank and answer other key questions as well: – How do customers really find my business? – What actions do customers take before buying from me? […]
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