Conrad Saam

Conrad Saam
Conrad Saam is the founder of Mockingbird–a Google Premier Partner agency delivering advanced online marketing exclusively for the legal industry. Prior to Mockingbird, Conrad architected Avvo’s ascendancy from concept to legal directory market leader through advanced SEO strategy. He previously ran the marketing team for the widely popular restaurant app, Urbanspoon.

How to Avoid Getting Screwed by Agencies

Maintaining full access to and ownership of your firm’s marketing data and online properties is critical, whether you work with a marketing agency or not. So, why is it any different when you hire an agency to help market your business? Unfortunately, many attorneys are getting “screwed” by their agencies because they don’t know the […]
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Google Ads: How to Grow Your Business Profitablyvideo

Google Ads: How to Grow Your Business Profitably

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on Google Ads with lackluster results. It’s much harder to make your Google Ad strategy a savvy investment that achieves the goals of your local business. Profitability is key, and Mockingbird Marketing's Conrad Saam and Nate Bruns show you how! In this session, they demonstrate how to […]
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How to Run a Successful Local Marketing Agencyvideo

How to Run a Successful Local Marketing Agency

The Mockingbird Marketing agency operates significantly differently from most online marketing agencies. Their contrarian management approach and position within their market (digital marketing for the legal industry) and has generated deep loyalty among both employees and clients. During this Local Marketing Institute Office Hours webinar, Conrad Saam and Eric Shanfelt will explore some of Mockingbird's […]
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Successful Google Local Advertisingvideo

Keys to Successful Google Local Advertising

During this hands-on, highly tactical session, we will explore a variety of tools within the Google Adwords system that enable firms to deliver highly targeted advertising. In many cases, companies are doing it all wrong - especially as it pertains to localized advertising. We'll learn how to cut inefficient spends, target high net worth individuals, […]
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