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In this week's free Office Hours webinar, learn how to target local digital advertising far beyond what you can do on Google and Facebook. Discover...

What Service Area Businesses Should Know about Google Local Service Ads

If you're a service area business looking to improve your visibility on Google searches, consider using local services ads. Local search expert Tom Waddington will provide the ins and outs of this recent Google feature. In this week's LMI Office Hours webinar, Tom will explain what Local Services ads are and where they appear in […]
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Google Ads: How to Grow Your Business Profitablyvideo

Google Ads: How to Grow Your Business Profitably

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on Google Ads with lackluster results. It’s much harder to make your Google Ad strategy a savvy investment that achieves the goals of your local business. Profitability is key, and Mockingbird Marketing's Conrad Saam and Nate Bruns show you how! In this session, they demonstrate how to […]
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Local Facebook Ads Made Simple

Dennis Yu, CTO of BlitzMetrics is one of the leading Facebook advertising experts. He joined Eric Shanfelt to discuss how to create effective Facebook...

How are people finding your local business website?

Local Marketing Institute recommends that local businesses implement Google Analytics on their website if they haven't already. It's free and allows you to learn...
Inexpensive Digital Marketing Strategy

An Inexpensive Digital Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

Is there really an inexpensive digital marketing strategy for local businesses? Yes, there is! With a little effort and about $150 per month, you...
Reducing Facebook Ad Costs for Local Businesses

6 Tips to Reduce Facebook Ad Cost for Local Businesses

We know that many local businesses will run Facebook ads this holiday season. But before you spend more money, be sure to check out this...
Local Search Ad Blocking

Why Ad Blocking Makes Local Search Even More Important

With so many people using ad blocking software, you can no longer rely on buying your way into local search results. But there is...
Store Visits

Google and Facebook Store Visits Are Only Estimates

Google and Facebook tell you when their ads drive store visits in the hope that you'll spend more money. But don't just take their...

How to Build a Bigger Email List | Facebook Canvas Ads | Mobile Website...

Here's what's happening this week in local business digital marketing. We continuously sift through dozens of articles, share only the most important issues with...

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