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At Local Marketing Institute, we have one mission … to help local businesses grow through effective and ethical digital marketing.

Digital marketing can seem overwhelming to a lot of local businesses. With Google My Business, Yelp, Apple Maps, Facebook, online reviews, social media, email marketing, digital advertising, websites and more … where do you start and how do you know what really works?

Plus, there is a LOT of bad advice out there. We see so many so-called “experts” peddle advice that is flat-out wrong, doesn’t work, or can actually damage the online presence and reputation of local businesses.

That’s why we do what we do. We tap into the most well-respected local marketing experts in the world to teach you how to best market your business online. Currently, we do that in three ways:

  1. Our Monday morning email newsletter.
  2. Our weekly Q&A session and podcast.
  3. Our private Facebook group.

And it’s all free.

We do it because we have friends and neighbors who run local businesses. We know businesses need digital marketing help and we hate seeing all of the bad advice and scams out there.

LMI Email Newsletter

An email newsletter? Really?

Yep, a good old-fashioned, inbox-cluttering email newsletter. It’s all the rage with the kids these days. Seriously, email is still the best way for businesses to communicate with customers. Every Monday morning, we’ll send you invites to our weekly Q&A webinars, local marketing tips, and more. This is where to start!

Weekly Q&A webinars and podcast

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