How to Build A 5-Star Reputation Strategy Online

Reputation is simply social proof about your business. All the factors that make up your business reputation can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. BrightLocal Founder Myles Anderson shares first-hand research on the impact of reviews and demonstrates best practices for managing them.

A positive reputation improves search rankings, increases search click thru rates (CTR), boosts landing page conversion and ultimately builds customer trust. In this session, Myles also shares the results of BrightLocal’s exclusive survey of the LMI Summit audience! See how your peers are handling (or not handling) reputation management.

Beyond the research, Myles presents tools and tactics for setting up an effective review strategy in your own local business. He talks about setting clear goals, how to get reviews and manage bad one. Myles also addresses how to target review sites and train staff to solicit reviews.

Piecing it all together, you’ll learn how to leverage your positive reputation once your management process is in place and running with ease. You won’t want to miss this highly educational session from one of the leading experts in local digital marketing.

For a complete list of links and resources that Myles mentioned in this video, please click here.