3 Keys to Success with Google Local Ads

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With all of the new features and campaign types for advertisers on Google Ads, it’s becoming easier for businesses to be seen online. But, it’s increasingly more complicated to do so well. In this session, Brandon Coward highlights 3 keys to success with Google Ads for local businesses. This includes:

  • How to drive awareness using display and video
  • Tips to increasing local search volume
  • Driving local foot traffic to your business locations.

Brandon covers the importance of having a funnel strategy while implementing 3 Keys to Success With Google Ads. This session will help you focus on your specific business goals and what you want to get out of advertising on Google across all channels: display, video, search and maps.

Brandon Coward
Brandon Coward is the Director of Paid Media at Powered by Search and works to help partner with businesses to grow and do so quickly. He enjoys keeping up to date with all things digital and finding new ways to create unique strategies to get the most out of digital advertising.